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How to Use Lepidolite

The Lepidolite crystal is acclaimed for being one of the best mood stabilizers in the gemstone world. It has high lithium content that is also used in most anti-anxiety medications. There is no need for any prescription to use it and it has the best side effects, such as a sense of tranquility and calmness during chaotic and stressful times.

You can use Lepidolite to balance your spirit and mind, specifically whenever you want to cool down some intense emotions. It is a gentle healing stone that can stimulate all chakras and dissolve energy blocks that stop you from finding and experiencing genuine happiness.

How to Use Lepidolite for Divination

For those who have taken a keen interest in divination, an excellent pendulum you can have is a pendant that is made of Lepidolite. This can help you find answers to your questions regarding your emotions, spirituality, and divinity. Of course, you can also use it for answering unrelated questions like other pendulums. However, it is best to use a Lepidolite pendulum to answer questions about emotions, spirituality, and divinity.

For divination enthusiasts, a polished sphere or disc of Lepidolite can also make as a wonderful surface for scrying. It is much easier to scry a surface with high variations than one that is flawless and clear. This is why the Lepidolite crystal formation’s natural irregularities and striations offer lots of surfaces in the stone where images can make themselves apparent.

How to Use Lepidolite at Home

One of the best ways to let the powers of the Lepidolite stone infuse your mind is by keeping it near your bed or other areas where you are often lost in thoughts.

You might be able to have happier dreams if you keep the stone at your bedside. There is even the possibility that you will experience some lucid dreams if you pursue it. You are going to wake up with a calmer and more optimistic perspective about the new day ahead of you.

The same principle also applies if you place Lepidolite in areas where tensions often run high or in places where you normally experience feelings of unhappiness, anxiety, cosmic apathy, or depression.

The Lepidolite is also powerful enough to help every person in the space, aside from yourself, to develop a happier and calmer attitude towards the world that can ease away the tensions that exist in these areas.

Good examples of spaces that require the power of Lepidolite for easing tensions include dinner tables, offices, or rooms reminiscent of lost loved ones.

But, take note that if you are planning to use Lepidolite this way, make sure that you pair it with a stone that can prevent negativity.

Lepidolite Quartz

How to Use Lepidolite for Meditation

Try learning meditation techniques and combine these with Lepidolite stone as this is also known to help you ease into a deeper meditative state.

The lilac crystal can aid you get to the first meditation stage more readily. It is called the alpha state in which you have a calm and relaxed mind without a lot of thoughts distracting you.

Lepidolite’s energy is also great in aiding you to settle scattered energy and quiet your mind. This beautiful stone also has many other potent metaphysical properties.

The most recommended way of using this is in meditation since this is spiritual purification stone that can help you clear any negative energy trapped in your auric field.

The lovely stone can also help you move much deeper into the centered and focused theta state. This is the state that you reach when you are dreaming and are in deep sleep.

You have to be really deep into meditation before the brain waves can slow to these deeper theta waves. After you learn how to get to this amazing deep state during your meditation, it will be easier for you to travel to higher realms.

It can be very helpful to discover an easier way of making it happen because this is hard to achieve for most people. The moment you make this higher connection, you may start communicating with beings in the higher realms and even connect with the angels.

After you successfully contact your spirit guides and start working with them, you will notice an accelerated spiritual growth. This higher connection can take your growth to the next level in different ways.

How Wearing Lepidolite Can Help You

The lilac crystal Lepidolite is part of the list of zodiac birthstones and has an extremely positive energy that can quiet down the nervous system as well as support the heart. Its beautiful vibration is also a pleasure to use.

These stones have strong cleansing action that can help you get rid of negative psychic energies that were trapped within your auric field.

It can be a great help to wear a Lepidolite pendant and since this is among the Libra birthstones, it will be easy to look for a crystal jewelry made from the stone.

These are exceptional healing crystals that women can wear to aid them during menopause.  Their energy is very powerful for women to use every time they need help to improve mood swings as this can come in handy during this time.

When you keep one of these beautiful stones in your aura for as long as possible daily, you can take advantage of its calming energy. Put this under your pillow every time you feel anxious so you can enjoy better sleep.

Wearing the Lepidolite stone can be very helpful in different occasions and can also aid you to easily release all those stresses and anxieties pent up in your system. At the same time, its calming vibration will also soothe you to make you feel better.

You can feel its energy if you put it against your skin in an area that has a lot of energy blockages or a spot that requires healing.

The Lepidolite stone is a gentle reminder to always follow true bliss and happiness and make them a regular part of your life.