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How To Care, Clean And Store Garnet Gemstones

Garnets, the birthstone of January, are some of the most diverse of all groups of gemstones, mainly because it consists of different varieties and species. Varieties of garnets are extremely diverse in color, with some rare varieties exhibiting phenomenal characteristics like asterism or star effect, or even a color-change effect once seen under different types of lighting.

Garnet Cleaning and Caring Guide

Garnets of deep red varieties are often likened to pomegranate seeds. In case you don’t know, garnet is actually a derivation of the term “pomegranate.”

Celebrated with its many varieties, garnets offer an extensive selection of options for jewelry fans and gemstone enthusiasts alike.

But for you to make the most out of your garnet, learning how to care for it properly is the first step you can take to protect and preserve your investment.

How to Clean Garnet

Just like all good things, your garnet needs care for it to shine like new and stay clean. There are several methods that you can try here.

Detergent with Warm Water

For this first method, you need to prepare a bowl of water, several drops of liquid detergent, and a soft-bristled brush or lint-free cloth and follow the steps below:

  1. Squeeze in 3 to 4 drops of liquid detergent in the bowl of water. Mix everything properly.
  2. Drop your garnet into the solution and brush the surface using a lint-free piece of cloth or soft-bristled brush.
  3. Remove the garnet from the soapy water.
  4. Run the garnet under plain water.
  5. Use another piece of dry and clean lint-free soft cloth to wipe the gemstone.

With these steps, you can have your garnet looking as good as new all over again in its glittery and classy appeal.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

If simple cleaning procedures don’t satisfy you and you prefer something that involves high technology, you can now find ultrasonic treatments for cleaning garments. A word of caution, though. Ultrasonic cleaning may be effective, but this is not a recommended option for garnets that have been treated with fracture filling. This is because it may cause breakage in the stone. See to it that your garnet has not been fracture-filled before you proceed with ultrasonic cleaning.

Using ultrasonic cleaner to clean jewelry

Rubber Alcohol

You can clean garnets using rubber alcohol because these gemstones are not porous. However, since the dirt in jewelry pieces is a combination of dead skin, oils, grease, soap residues, lotions, and others, alcohol may not address these things well.

How to Store Garnet

Scratching may occur if you wear your garnet next to metals and harder gemstones such as ruby, beryl, sapphire, diamond, and others. The best way to ensure that harder gems don’t end up scratching your garnet is to store them in a soft pouch inside your jewelry box.

Doing this can also assure you that your garnet will not scratch softer gems such as opals, pearls, emeralds, and turquoise. Store your garnets wrapped in a clean, soft cloth and keep them separated from other harder stones such as sapphires, rubies, and diamonds.

How to Charge Garnet

If you like to increase your garnet’s potent power, the good news is that you can charge it. To do this, you can leave this on top of a cluster of rock crystals that will be more than happy to absorb all the bad vibes from your garnet and infuse it with an infinite flow of love. Charging your garnet can also be done by placing it under the sunlight for a short while to allow your stone to soak up its favorite element.

How to Cleanse Garnet

Cleansing your garnet is the best way to ensure that your red stone will always stay ready and ripe to bring its healing power every time you need it. If you regularly wear your garnet and rely on its rippling energy, frequent cleaning will ensure that the stone will shake off all negative energies so that it will be refreshed and ready to assist you no matter what life throws your way.

Thankfully, it is simple to cleanse your garnet. A small amount of soapy water can go a long way to help this stone to restore its lost shine. See to it that you don’t use too hot water for cleansing because garnet can bring the warmth of its own. Finish off the task by rinsing well and drying your garnet completely.

How to Display Garnet

Garnet is a gemstone known for its versatility and availability in an exciting selection of colors. This is why you can display it in different areas around the house to let it help specific facets of your life.

The entrance to your house, for example, is extremely crucial because this is where the energy from the outside enters your home. Your goal here is to reject all negative energies and encourage or welcome good energies instead. Displaying some protective and positive garnets near your front door is ideal.

Other areas where you can display your garnet include doorways, the center of the house, in the bedroom, or on your desk at work or home office.

Display Garnets Using Jewelry Box
Display Garnets Using Jewelry Box


Sulfuric acid can cause harm to your garnets. This is a common substance found in the pickle solution jewelers use so be cautious during jewelry repair.

Avoid using toothpaste for cleaning your garnet. While it is good for cleaning silver, this is not recommended for garnet. Toothpaste can leave scratches on your garnet because it is only a bit higher in hardness compared to toothpaste.

Never use bleach or salt when cleaning since a component in them may cause damage to your garnet.

Tips When Wearing Garnet

There are several pointers to remember when wearing or using your garnet stones, and these are the following:

  • Wearing your garnet while sleeping may shorten your jewelry’s life by up to 80%.
  • Your garnet jewelry must always be the last piece you will wear and the first one you should remove. Hair spray and perfume must always be sprayed on before you wear your garnets.
  • Whether you are swimming in pool water or seawater, don’t forget to take off your garnet because the chloride will slowly erode the polish and finish of the stone.