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How To Care, Clean And Store Ruby Gemstones

The birthstone of July, ruby with its crimson beauty is a favorite for making jewelry. Although the cut of a ruby influences its appeal and color as a whole, how you handle this stone can also make a big difference.

How to care for ruby

If you are a proud jewelry owner, there are several tips on how to care for your rubies.

How to Clean Ruby

The best and easiest way of cleaning your ruby jewelry is to use a warm soapy cloth or warm soapy water. You shouldn’t soak your ruby in soapy water, and you also need to stay away from using harsh detergents.

To get rid of dullness, scrub your ruby stones and the mounting of the jewelry gently using a soft toothbrush. Use warm clean water to rinse the stone right away and dry it off using a lint-free cloth to achieve sparkling results.

You also need to avoid soaking your ruby jewelry in any form of strong solvents like acetone, paint thinner, or alcohol.

How to Store Ruby

In order to keep your ruby gemstones organized and easy to find, you should store them in a box that is easily accessible. Here are a few tips on how to do just that:

  • Store your rubies in separate pouches or envelopes.
  • You might want to invest in a good quality jewelry box that features several compartments for storing your individual jewelry pieces. These models are quite common and popular these days.
  • Never store your ruby jewelry in a bag or container with other gemstones. Instead, you should lay these pieces separately inside a flat compartment to protect them and prevent them from scratching softer gems that are more prone to being easily damaged.

How to Charge Ruby

To charge your rubies and rid them of any negative energies they might have absorbed from the environment, you can put them under the sunlight for several hours. You can place clear quartz or amethyst near or touching your rubies to help eliminate any unwanted vibrations.

If you want to charge your rubies with a particular intention, you can hold them in your hand and then conjure in your mind an image of the result you wish to achieve. You can take your sweet time and fill your visualization with as many details as possible. Just make sure you don’t add images of how you assume it might be achieved.

Let the universe sort things out for you. If you have a clearer picture of your preferred results, the universe will find it easier to deliver everything to you.

How to Cleanse Ruby

Ruby is a type of durable gemstone, which means it can stand up to any form of cleansing ritual, whether it is by using smoke, sun, or water.

However, India has a time-honored Hindu method where the ruby is particularly revered. For this technique, the ruby is placed in a bowl of Gangajal water, the holy water that comes from the Ganges River. This water is also available online although fresh spring water from a special source will work just fine.

Put the bowl where the light of the sunrise hits it and leave this under the rays for 30 up to 40 minutes. Lastly, rinse your ruby and pat it dry to finish the cleansing process.

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How to Display Ruby

Rubies in ancient China were added to the foundations of critical buildings to keep them protected together with their contents. You can also do something similar by placing a ruby on the ground floor or basement to help infuse the entire house with the support coming from the gemstone.

The south portion of the house is where the fame and reputation are nurtured so putting a ruby in this part will boost your standing’s growth within the community.

Also, being a gemstone of sexuality and lust, your bedroom is also a great place for keeping or displaying your rubies.


The following are important precautions to remember when it comes to rubies:

  • Always use solutions specifically made for cleaning jewelry. These are readily available at the fine jewelry counter in many department stores. Make sure you only buy the right solution according to the specific type of metal used in crafting your ruby jewelry. Be sure to follow the instructions on the label carefully.
  • Precious metal jewelry cleaning solutions are suitable for platinum, yellow gold, and white gold mountings. Other sterling silver jewelry cleaners might only be exclusively suitable for cleaning silver. Again, be careful because these formulas might lead to irreversible damage when used incorrectly.
  • For ruby rings that have become victims of a hard knock, make sure you take them to the jewelry store right away and let the professionals check them under magnification for any loose stones.
  • Enlist the help of a professional jeweler who can tighten any loose rubies. The process of jewelry repair can be quite delicate, making it one of those times when DIY may only lead to further irreversible damage.

Tips When Wearing Ruby

The following are several great common and helpful practices that you need to keep in mind when it comes to wearing your ruby jewelry:

  • Since ruby is a very hard stone, foreign matter can accumulate on the surface that can cause a cloudy or faded appearance. To keep your rubies clean as much as possible, make sure you apply sprays, perfumes, and lotions before you wear your ruby jewelry.
  • If you love wearing your rubies regularly, it is important to stick to periodic checkups to ensure that the stones continue sitting securely in the mountings.
  • Check your ruby jewelry often to ensure that there are no loose stones and guarantee the security of the mountings.
  • Never wear your ruby pieces every time you do housework, work in your garden, play sports, or are near drains such as when washing your hands, doing dishes, or showering.
  • Always use the right materials and methods for cleaning.
  • Never subject your ruby jewelry to any sudden extreme changes in temperature.
  • A minimal maintenance and an occasional cleaning can help ensure that your rubies stay sparkling and bright for many years to come.