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How To Care, Clean And Store Diamond Gemstones

Even if diamonds may be the planet’s hardest substance, they are not completely invincible. Although they can be polished or cut only by another diamond, chipping may occur on diamonds as a result of a hard blow.

Diamond care guide

The traditional birthstone of April, your diamond needs extra care and attention. Here are some tips to remember for proper upkeep and maintenance of your precious diamonds.

How to Clean Diamond

Diamonds give off a stunning sparkle because of how light passes through the stone. Unfortunately, dirt, sweat, and oil can all block this passage of light.

This means that if you don’t regularly clean your diamonds, they won’t sparkle as they should. Good thing that diamonds are very easy to clean. The supplies you need for this procedure are mild soap, a soft toothbrush, and warm water. Avoid using toothpaste for cleaning your diamonds and follow the steps below instead:

  1. Soak the diamonds in the mixture of warm water and mild soap for several minutes.
  2. Clean the diamond gently using the soft-bristled toothbrush.
  3. Aside from the face of the diamond, make sure you also clean the back part where dirt can accumulate easily.
  4. Wipe the diamond dry using a lint-free soft cloth.

If ever you are cleaning your diamond in the washbasin or sink, don’t forget that you block the drain before you proceed. It is ideal to clean your diamonds once a fortnight. Avoid using chemicals to clean diamonds because these can erode or even dissolve the metal prongs.

Although breaking a diamond is not easy, the prongs that hold the stone in place may get broken. Be careful to avoid roughing with your diamond ornament. Never scrub too vigorously or exert too much pressure on your diamonds. Similarly, a hard toothbrush must never be used when cleaning your diamonds.

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How to Store Diamond

Aside from protecting your diamonds from being stolen or getting lost, you also need to keep them safe from damage. If diamonds rub against each other, scratches may occur. Your diamonds may also damage and scratch other jewelry pieces they might come into contact with.

When a diamond suffers from damage, restoring it to its original sparkle may be impossible. This is why it will be in your best interest to individually store every jewelry piece and ensure that they don’t rub against each other.

It is also a wise idea to buy a fabric-lined jewelry case that features individual compartments for your diamond pieces. You can also individually wrap every piece of diamond jewelry in soft tissue.

How to Charge Diamond

Yes, you can also charge your diamond. You just need to follow the steps below:

  1. Prepare a bowl and fill it with soil. Place the diamond and press it under the soil.
  2. Let the diamond stay in the bowl overnight.
  3. Take out the diamond, wash, and wear it.

How to Cleanse Diamond

To cleanse your diamond and clear its energy, you can use sage to smudge it. You can buy a bundle of sage from any botanica, new age bookstore, or online. You should suspend your diamond in the smoke to ensure that all crevices will be touched by it.

Holding your diamond in your hand can also clear the pathway through which the energy is transmitted. At the same time, it also gives an additional advantage of smudging your hand while this is in close contact with the diamond.

With the sage smoke’s residue still on the diamond, put it on a bed of sea salt then place this under the sun for 3 days.

After 3 days, rinse the diamond in rose water. Get a bowl and fill it with rose water and soak the diamond in it, swishing it around a bit.

While the diamond still drips with rose water, put it back on the sea salt and under the sunlight for 3 more days.

Once the second 3 days are up, remove the diamond from the bed of sea salt and wear it. Avoid placing it in the jewelry box for now.

Diamond ring in a box

How to Display Diamond

As a precious stone, a diamond is known for its exceptional power and miraculous abilities. Considered the king among gems, the Greeks called diamonds “adamas,” which means invincible and indestructible.

For the longest time, people perceived diamonds as miracle stones. The popular belief was that people who carry around diamonds wouldn’t experience memory loss or chronic stomach issues. In ancient times, Hindus also strongly believed that a diamond’s vibrations render an extremely positive aura to different body organs, specifically the heart and brain.

Diamonds also have healing powers as they protect the owner from bad dreams, prevent apoplexy, and fight depression. In particular, green diamonds can help mothers during childbirth as this symbolizes motherhood.


It takes billions of years for diamonds to form and break down, which means you can expect these stones to last for many generations. It makes diamonds a favorite family heirloom that is passed down for sentimental purposes.

While you can expect diamonds to remain almost flawless for years, it doesn’t mean that your stone will retain the perfect look it had on the day you bought it. Different environmental factors can affect the purity and sparkle of your diamonds.

For instance, diamonds pose the risk of scratching each other, which is why storing them separately is a must. Diamonds may also lose their luster or sparkle for different reasons. If you often handle your diamonds, the surface of the gem can get clouded because of the oils from your hand. Skin oils can also attract dirt and dust from the environment which can make the stone look duller.

Extreme heat can also cause your diamond to break. And while diamonds are extremely resistant to scratches, there are still cleaning solutions that can pose a risk. Depending on the diamond, the setting, and the stones and metals surrounding it, some cleaners may cause chips and damage.

In particular, ultrasonic cleaners may produce a movement that can harm delicate diamond rings. This is why special solutions, steps, and proper handling are necessary when cleaning diamonds to prevent chipping or breakage.

Tips When Wearing Diamond

When you wear diamonds, it is important to take care of them so that they will last a long time. Here are some tips to help you take care of your diamonds:

  1. Avoid wearing your diamond whenever you do rough work.
  2. When your diamond gets caught in clothing, never pull it out. Disentangle it with care from the cloth.
  3. Household products, makeup, and skincare products may lodge in the crevices of the setting of the jewelry.
  4. Diamond jewelry is best left at home if you are going on a beach holiday.
  5. Remove your diamonds if you will use chlorine or bleach to clean something.
  6. Avoid wearing diamonds when doing exercise or giving to the gym.