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How To Care, Clean And Store Pearl Jewelry

The enchanting pearl is the birthstone of the month of June and originates from the oceans, rivers, and lakes all over the world. Women of all ages from different walks of life love pearls, making it the ultimate eternal wardrobe staple among the ladies.

Pearl care guide

But how do you look after these timeless stones in the first place? To make your pearls last forever, here are some tips on how to take care of them:

How to Clean Pearl

There are a few important tips you need to keep in mind when it comes to cleaning your pearls. These include the following:

Be sure to use a soft cloth to wipe your pearls after every wear. Doing this will help prevent the accumulation of oils and other substances that might have come into contact with the jewelry during the day.

You can clean your pearls using a damp cloth only when and as needed. If there are visible stains on your pearls, you can prepare a solution of mild dish soap and lukewarm water. You can dip a clean soft in it then use it to wipe your pearls. Never submerge your pearl necklace in water because this can make the silk thread weak.

Allow your pearls to dry completely before you store them. Doing so will help preserve the silk strand’s elasticity.

Take your pearls to your jeweler once every year. Although you might want to wear your pearl jewelry as often as possible for them to stay hydrated, the oils from your body won’t be good for the silk threads. See to it that your jeweler checks the integrity of your pearl necklaces and bracelets once a year. These professionals can give your pearls a safe and thorough cleaning.

If it seems that your pearl jewelry’s radiance is starting to diminish, you might also want to take it to a specialist. You should never use an ultrasonic cleaner with your pearl jewelry because this can cause damage to the stone.

How to Store Pearl

Pearls may be exceptional shock-resistant and cohesive but may get scratched when they come into contact with sharp items and other gemstones. To avoid scratches and tangles, fasten all pins and clasps and lay out every piece separately in a jewelry box with compartments.

Use a protective jewelry pouch when carrying your pearl jewelry. Leaving your pearl jewelry pieces inside a security box for a long period of time may lead to dehydration of the pearls so be sure to wear them often.

See to it that you also store your pearls flat. Although it is perfectly acceptable to hang most necklaces on a jewelry rack, this doesn’t apply to pearl strands. Always store your pearl necklaces to avoid unnecessary stretching.

Finally, allot a space only for your pearls. Remember that soft pearls are at risk of scratches so be sure to separately store them in compartments lined with fabric.

How to Charge Pearl

A reputable jeweler will advise you on how to care for your pearl jewelry. Take note that being a naturally occurring gem, you need to treat your pearls as gently as you can.

If you want to charge your pearls to use them for healing purposes, you can leave them out under the moonlight for approximately 12 hours. This will work wonders in reenergizing the predominantly female energies of the pearls and restoring the full potential of the stones.

The most ideal time for charging your pearls is under a full moon’s light. But if you cannot wait for the full moon to come, you could also allow your pearls to sit with your other quartz crystals for recharging them.

You can also just smudge your pearls with the smoke of sage or other healing herbs of your preference. You can also allow your pearls to soak in the singing bowls’ healing vibrations.

How to Cleanse Pearl

Pearls may seem invincible but looking after them properly is important for them to last for as long as possible. An essential aspect of caring for your pearls is cleansing them.

To get rid of the negative energies on your new pearls or to cleanse them after getting them for the first time, you can use clear quartz or other techniques for crystal cleansing.

How to Display Pearl

Pearls are meant to be worn, and this is why these are frequently seen in dainty drop earrings and classic necklaces. All types of healing stones, crystals, and gems work their fullest potential if pressed against your skin. Such direct contact will invite and encourage the healing properties to get absorbed and sink right in.


As organic gemstones, pearls are more vulnerable to extremes of humidity, alkaline, and acid. Be sure to avoid any situation that may damage or scratch the nacre of your pearls. You also need to prevent dehydration by keeping your pearls in moisture-free or air-tight environments.

Never subject your pearls to strong sunlight or excessive heat. Pearls must also never get exposed to acids like vinegar as well as cleaning agents that contain chlorine or ammonia, inks, or bleaching agents.

Tips When Wearing Pearl

Pearls are often passed down as a treasured heirloom in the family passed from one generation to the next. To ensure that your pearls will last long enough to attain heirloom status, here are a few tips on how to wear and maintain them properly:

  • Pearls must always be the final touch to any outfit. Never apply perfume, lotion, hairspray, or makeup after you put on your pearls.
  • Wear your pearl jewelry as often as possible. They thrive well in a moist environment so frequent wearing can prevent them from drying out.
  • Perspiration can harm the luster of your pearls. To prevent it from happening, don’t forget to use a soft cloth to gently wipe your pearls before you put them back in the jewelry box.
  • Pearl rings must only be worn for special occasions and are not meant for daily use and wear.