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What is a Nexus Diamond?

A Nexus Diamond is a patented diamond simulant or simulated diamond that is grown in a laboratory.  These diamonds look the same as mined diamonds to the naked eye. However, their chemical compound is different. They cut glass and many jewelers and sometimes, even trained gemologists find it hard to spot the difference between a perfect mined diamond and a Nexus Diamond even if they use a loupe.

Are Nexus Diamonds Considered as Diamonds?

Nexus Diamonds are not diamonds. Instead, they are considered as the best alternatives for diamonds that you can find in the market right now. They are the perfect simulations of diamonds that they are almost impossible to tell apart visually from colorless and flawless mined diamonds.

These are grown in a laboratory under the most ideal conditions that make them practically perfect in every criterion of cut, clarity, and color that are the basis for grading mined diamonds. They also wear and feel in the same way that mined diamonds do.

As mentioned earlier, Nexus Diamonds can also cut glass. The best thing about them is that they are ethically and eco-friendly at the same time so you don’t have to feel guilty about using them, not to mention that their price is significantly lower than the real thing.

Their elemental composition is different from that of diamonds. They are also not considered as pure carbon diamonds. Nexus Diamonds wear and look as diamonds yet these are not diamonds as far as chemical composition is concerned.

How Long Do Nexus Diamonds Last?

Nexus Diamonds are the first ever heirloom quality simulated diamond in the world. It only means that similar to mined diamonds, Nexus Diamonds can last for life and even beyond provided that they receive proper care. This includes regular cleaning and keeping it protected from lotions and chemicals just as how you would look after a mined diamond.

Can You Grade a Nexus Diamond Based on the 4 C’s?

Nexus Diamonds can be graded with the use of the 4 C’s –color, cut, carat, and clarity. All Nexus Diamonds are perfect. It means that each piece is completely colorless or D color, internally flawless without inclusions or IF clarity, and Ideal Cut so that it will have the best brilliance possible. Carats pertain to the stone’s weigh and you can choose it based on your personal preferences and style.

Are Nexus Diamonds Moissanite or Cubic Zirconia?

Nexus Diamonds are neither cubic zirconia nor moissanite. These are patented proprietary products that are different from moissanite or cubic zirconia in terms of visual characteristics, physical properties, and chemical composition. They are closer to real mined diamonds when it comes to their visual appearance and the way they are worn.

Although a properly cut cubic zirconia may look like a diamond while it is still new, it is a porous and weak stone that can deteriorate, scratch, and become cloudy easily.

As for moissanite, its manner of refracting light is different and is about 2.5 times as sparkly like diamonds. Although moissanite is almost as hard as diamonds, its appearance is difference and can be easily distinguished from diamonds even by the naked eye.

What are Certified Nexus Diamonds?

Certified Nexus Diamonds are graded with the use of a strict code of ethics and the certification is done just like with that of mined diamonds. A certified Nexus Diamond features a laser engraved certification number not seen by the naked eye but is visible under magnification and is indicated on the paperwork. The buyer will also have a copy of certification documents and all laboratory reports.

A classic Nexus Diamond is the same stone as a certified one. But, they don’t undergo the similar level of quality inspection and don’t go through the process of certification. Certified Nexus Diamonds are recommended for important jewelry and engagement rings.

Can Jewelers Distinguish a Mined Diamond and a Nexus Diamond?

Nexus Diamonds are virtually and visibly the same with flawless and D color mined diamonds. Experienced jewelers might suspect that it is a lab grown stone since some mined diamonds have a uniform perfection. Jewelers might test to check if the stone is pure carbon and they will learn that it is not.

This is the reason why there are jewelers that might try to convince you that your stone is cubic zirconia even if it is not. A Nexus Diamond is made from a patented formula making it less porous and much harder than cubic zirconia and relatively closer to a mined diamond.

Why Buy Nexus Diamonds?

If you happen to be confused on whether you will go for a synthetic diamond or a genuine one, it would be a wise decision to go for a Nexus Diamond. You will love the fact that the visual characteristics of Nexus Diamonds are as desirable as those of mined diamonds yet their price tags are relatively lower.

You can get a Nexus Diamond for about 10% of the price of real mined diamonds. It is a substantial difference in terms of price and is also one of the reasons why more and more people are falling in love with Nexus Diamonds.

Another important benefit of buying Nexus Diamonds is that they are guaranteed 100% free from conflicts. Although you cannot always be completely sure if your diamond has undergone an ethical mining and processing, Nexus Diamonds are simulants, which means that they come almost without these problems because highly trained professionals made them in a lab.

Many Nexus Diamonds are of white color but you could also go for emerald, rose, or any other colors. You can even pick the shape of the stone exactly as how you want it to be. You can choose the classic round cut, cushion, pear, or oval-shaped stones.

How to Clean Nexus Diamonds

You can use a specialized cleansing solution for your Nexus Diamond to keep it sparkling brightly for a long time. First, you just need to presoak it in warm to get rid of loose dirt. Dip the jewelry in the cleaning solution afterwards. Use a soft bristle brush or a toothbrush to gently scrub your Nexus Diamond and rinse it properly and carefully. Get a lint free cloth to blot the jewelry dry.