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How To Care, Clean And Store Peridot Gemstones

The birthstone of August, peridot is a gemstone that developed an important role in the different cultures that valued them for many centuries. Peridots, however, are among the less popular gemstones despite their renowned history, thus increasing their lively beauty and rarity. Even if quality peridot boasts of a bright light green shade with a yellow tinge, these gems are frequently mistaken for darker emeralds.

How to care for peridot

The Romans even called peridots the evening emeralds due to how the stones catch and reflect lamplight.

To enjoy the beauty of these stones, knowing how to care for your peridot will ensure years of happiness from using them.

How to Clean Peridot

Peridot stones are rated on the Mohs scale with a mineral hardness of 6.5 to 7. While it means that peridots are fairly durable, you still need to treat them with care. The first step here is knowing how to clean your peridots.

The best and simplest way of cleaning your peridot at home is to dip it in a mixed solution of water and mild soap. Once you are done, place the gem under running clean water. Use a lint-free soft cloth to dab the stone and let it dry.

Avoid cleaning your peridots using an ultrasonic cleaner because the high-frequency vibrations of the device may cause harm to the stone and lead to irreparable damage.

How to Store Peridot

Storing your peridot can make a big difference in preserving the beauty of your stone. Peridots are prone to scratches from the rest of the harder jewels. Extended exposure to heat, including artificial and natural alike, can also result in the dullness of the stone.

To prevent these issues from happening, the safest way of storing your peridot jewelry is to wrap them in a soft cloth and put them separately in a jewelry box lined with velvet. Keep this box in a dry and cool place.

How to Charge Peridot

Peridot is a stone of the sun, and you can charge it with fresh energy by letting it stay for several hours under the sunlight. If you like an additional dose of recharged energy, you need to leave this out under direct moonlight to allow Mother Earth to continue working her magic.

Elemental energy spellbinds crystals and since peridot is a type of earth stone, this adores and loves the kiss of the water, the moon, the sun, and the soil where life comes from.

When you have a specific problem that you want your peridot to address, the stone can also be charged with a short intention process. All you have to do is hold it while saying out loud or thinking how the peridot can help.

How to Cleanse Peridot

It is essential to keep your peridot stones in pristine condition to keep their energy flowing smoothly and high. Cleansing your peridot regularly is a great way to get rid of stuck toxic vibes and ensure that these gems will not just preserve their luster but their strength as well as the same time.

There are several ways of cleansing your peridot gemstone. The simplest method to do it is to run the stone under flowing water. Your ideal options here include waterfalls, streams, or springs although the tap water at home will work just as fine for this purpose.

You could also get a good dose of extraterrestrial help is placing your gemstone under the sunshine for several hours or under a full moon’s rays overnight.

You can also smudge your peridot with the smoke from incense or any of your preferred dried herbs. This will be such a nice treat for your gemstone, especially if it has been working overtime as of late.

How to Display Peridot

In a family home, it is recommended to keep your peridot on the eastern portion of the house as this will help encourage a calm and peaceful family. You can place the stone on the windowsill where it can capture the sun’s strength.

If you or any member of the family are busy studying, you can place peridot by or on your place of work as this can guide you on your way to success.

As a gemstone of protection and growth, you can also keep peridot in the children’s bedroom to help them improve and develop both mentally and physically and keep them safe at the same time. This can also help kids overcome their fear of the dark.

Since peridot is a gemstone of abundance, it is also a great idea to keep one in your specific place of business.


You need to keep in mind that peridot never likes a rough go of it. Although this stone is not fragile and it is not a gem that requires a lot of fuss, peridots never like being clattered and bashed. This means you need to keep your stone out of extreme changes in temperature if you can.

After cleansing them with a little soapy and warm water, don’t forget to rinse away the soap. You also need to avoid using chemicals. Ammonium fluoride, hydrofluoric acid, and alkaline solutions that might be present in hand sanitizers, makeup, perfumes, and cleaners can be damaging to gems.

The chlorine used in swimming pools may also erode the finish and polish of your peridot jewelry. To prevent these problems, be sure to limit the contact between these chemicals and your peridot as much as possible.

Tips When Wearing Peridot

Here are some tips to remember when wearing your peridot:

Since peridots are not the hardest gems you can find, it is recommended to reserve them only for special occasions. But if you ever want to wear it every day, don’t forget to set your peridot jewelry aside before you perform any activity, such as swimming, exercising, cleaning, and cooking to prevent any unwanted damage.

When preparing to dress for an event, be sure to apply your perfume and makeup before you put on your peridot jewelry. Set these pieces aside after the event to prevent excessive exposure to chemicals.

Let a professional jeweler check your peridot at least once annually. They will not only clean your stone if needed because they can also fix other problems such as a loose cutting.