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How To Care, Clean And Store Topaz Gemstones

Topaz is November’s official birthstone and is esteemed for its strong wearability and breathtaking color. Rich folklore is associated with topaz. Ancient Greeks have a belief that anyone who wears topaz would become invisible once faced with danger.

Whether you believe this legend or not, one thing is for sure. Caring for your topaz is important to retain its beauty and make the stone last for a long time.

How to Clean Topaz

When cleaning your topaz stones, avoid using special jewelry cleaners because these often contain acids and chemicals that are usually too harsh for the stone. All you have to do is soak this instead in the solution of mild dish soap and slightly warm water for 10 to 15 minutes.

Use a soft cloth to rub any leftover dirt. Rinse the stone in warm water then pat it dry. The majority of grime can collect under the stone in the part where the light is supposed to shine through. Make sure that you also clean the underside and the front part of the jewelry. If the part is too tiny to reach using the cloth, you can also try using a soft toothbrush.

To ensure that your topaz jewelry stays in tip-top shape, all it needs is occasional quick cleaning for it to stay as stunning and vibrant as possible.

However, once the stone starts to look lackluster or dull, it is recommended to give it a thorough clean-up. Here are the steps to follow for cleaning your topaz:

  1. Prepare a bowl and create a water and mild soap solution. Submerge your topaz accessory in the solution for several seconds to help loosen up any dirt on the surface.
  2. Remove the dirt by gently rubbing the gemstone using a soft cloth. Pay extra attention to the accessory’s edges because this is where the majority of the grime often builds up.
  3. Once you are finished, put the topaz under running water to get rid of any residual soap.

How to Store Topaz

With a mineral hardness rating of 8 on the Mohs scale, topaz can be considered a robust gem. But still, this is not completely immune to damage that can get scratched by other tougher stones such as diamonds. Aside from this, continuous and extreme light exposure may result in the dullness of the stone.

To prevent it from happening, it is recommended to store your blue topaz accessory inside a velvet-lined case and store this in a cool dry spot away from the rest of your accessories and gemstones.

Storing your topazes out away from other stones and out of the light will help keep them glittering and bright for the many years to come. A good choice here is to use a jewelry box for secure storage of your topaz items and other accessories separately.

How to Charge Topaz

It is important to recharge your topaz crystals regularly for them to be at their optimum efficiency. To recharge your stone’s energies, you can try smudging the stone. Here, you will simply pass the stone through white sage’s smoke and affirm your intentions for the topaz. A night outside under the full moon can also work wonders in recharging your topaz. Another great way to reenergize your topaz is to use tingsha bells or any other similar instrument to give your stone a sound bath.

How to Cleanse Topaz

This stone is reasonably robust, which means that you can cleanse it in warm water or running water with a little amount of mild soap. However, it is important to avoid placing your topaz in direct sunlight because the stone is known to fade.

How to Display Topaz

Topaz is a gemstone with many uses and can be displayed in various places. For example, you can place it in the house to keep you and your whole family healthy. This is also a lucky stone that can keep your home protected from fires and accidents.

  • You can place it under the pillow to prevent sleepwalking and nightmares. You can also keep a piece or two in the southern portion of your house to strengthen your local standing and reputation.
  • You can put an orange or yellow topaz gemstone in activity rooms to fill the area with fire energy and energize it
  • If you or anyone you know is still recovering from an operation or an illness, you can place a topaz nearby to help speed up recovery time.


Chemicals are the worst enemy of topaz. Even the weak acids found in hair products and cosmetics can cause harm to the surface, shine, and color of the jewel. Also, while the stone is known to be a strong material that is great scratch-resistant, it can still experience cracks from sudden changes in temperature or heavy flows.

Tips When Wearing Topaz

Just like other gemstone jewelry pieces, it is not enough to just clean your topaz regularly. You also need to wear it carefully and below are a few things you need to remember:

  • Wear your topaz accessory or jewelry only after you are done applying your makeup and styling your hair.
  • Take your topaz jewelry off first before washing or undressing.
  • Avoid using hand sanitizer or applying lotion while wearing your topaz pieces.
  • Topaz has the perfect gemstone which means that it is prone to cracking or incurring severe damage once subjected to hard blows. To prevent it from happening, set your topaz jewelry aside before cleaning, cooking, gardening, swimming, exercising, and the like.
  • The chemicals found in daily products such as cleaning supplies, cosmetics, and perfumes can eat away the gem’s outer layer and cause damage to its structure. Keep your topaz protected if you will be using or touching these products.
  • When going out, be sure to wear your topaz right before you leave the house then remove it from the moment you get home. It will reduce the exposure of the gemstone to the dangerous chemicals present in the hairspray, perfume, and others.